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Amateur Tennis-Hard Court-Roger vs Vance (Match 1)-Vancouver BC

added by Sham1972

Amateur Tennis-Hard Court-Roger vs Vance (Match 1)-Vancouver BC
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Added: 09-07-2013
Runtime: 14m 14s
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Description Amateur tennis on hard court is fun to play and to watch too. Funny moves, misses and hits intended and unintended are entertaining. The match of Roger versus Vance in Vancouver BC is their first recorded mutual amateur tennis game. Both players play for fun and exercise in the first place as most amateur players do but that is not to say that winning is not important to them.They play hard to win. That is the only way they can improve. Both Roger and Vance enjoy the game of tennis a lot. The amateur tennis they show in this video has all the ups and downs that can be found in professional tennis matches but at a much lower level and with more downs than ups. The lower level of play is, however, plentifully compensated for by a lot more comic moments than when the pros play. Similar level of tennis skills often means a tight match in which the winner of the set may need to be decided by playing a tiebreak or a tiebreaker. This is what happened in this game. Roger and Vance play a tiebreak in this video at the end of the set. But what are the rules of playing a tiebreak or a tiebreaker? Roger and Vance weren't sure. Are you? Watch the video to see what they agreed on. Vance thinks they did it right, Roger doesn't. Vance promises to find out and to post it here in the video description. The tiebreak rules in a nutshell: The player who would be serving after 6--6 serves first in the tiebreak. After the first point, the serve changes to the opponent. Each player then serves two consecutive points for the remainder of the tiebreak.(Roger and Vance have done this correctly). After every six points, the players switch ends of the court. (Roger and Vance didn't do this). An alternative tiebreak system is sometimes used by the United States Tennis Association. The end changes take place after the first point and then after every four points. This lets the servers of doubles teams continue serving from the same end of the court as during the set. (Roger and Vance didn't know this and didn't change sides during the tiebreak at all). It's important to know that the tiebreak is not compulsory in any set. The actual formatting of sets and tiebreaks is up to the tournament director in tournaments. Most importantly, in private matches it depends on the players agreement before they begin the match. (Considering the last sentence, Roger and Vance did everything correctly). Enjoy the game of tennis.

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